Holt and Breil on PCDaily

California’s Syndee Holt and Ontario’s Helen Breil share a love of surface techniques on polymer. Syndee gravitates to paints, transfers, markers, and gelli-plates (mono-printing). Helen has developed her own line of silkscreens, texture stamps and shapes.

It’s not surprising that when the two artists’ set up their worktables near each other, their interests spontaneously merged. Here you can see Helen’s silkscreen patterns in gold over light delicate paints applied via Syndee’s gelli-plate.

They cut simple shapes and oven-cured the pieces on gently curved surfaces. They each brought the other a slightly different approach to surface decoration and expanded their options. See more examples here and here.

Share your favorite techniques with someone who works with polymer like you do and the possibilities grow exponentially. 

  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

    It’s difficult to capture in the photograph, but the irresistible surface texture is a big part of the appeal of these designs–they beg to be touched.

    • reply Debbie Goodrow ,

      It is a wonderful sharing and multiplying of ideas when our guild members get together for a ‘clay day’ – which is just a day of no commitments, but all of us gathered in the same place working in our clay. Possibilities just bloom all the time!

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