Laryushkina on PCDaily

Alisa Laryushkina’s (LiskaFlower) flowers and birds are made of delicately shaped curls of polymer in pastel colors. Her process combines aspects of paper quilling and braided soutache (traditional decorative braid or passementerie).

Alisa learned all kinds of embroidery as she grew up in Russia. She spent years creating flowers and then poured what she’d learned into her own polymer style.

The jewelry that Alisa has recently created updates the color, decoration and traditional parts of her heritage into a trendy and fashionable variation.

These two-tone post earrings are my favorite. Which of her works do you prefer? Refer to Etsy, Instagram and Pinterest to see all her styles.

  • reply Eugena Topina ,

    It is so refreshing to see a truly original polymer clay technique! Thank you, Cynthia, for discovering this talented artist.

    • reply Kirsten ,

      I’ve been experimenting with quilling and polymer using an extruder. I don’t read Russian though! Does anyone have ideas of how she does this/what her technique is?

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