Violet on PCDaily

The commission list for 2017 is full but you might make the 2018 wait list for your miniature polymer pooch from HelenViolet.

In the meanwhile look at the in-progress videos of her sculpting, texturing and then painting Who’s Your Doggy pets in polymer and see past works on Instagram.

“If we could be a little more ‘dog’, we would love more, we would play more, and rather than ‘try’ to be – We would just be,” Helen says on a interview on Outlaw Kritters.

Could you be a little more ‘sculptor’?

  • reply Jacqueline ,

    This lady is amazing

    • reply Karen Brueggemann ,

      I agree, this work is amazing for being polymer clay. Not only are her proportions great but her colorization is perfect. She even captures the facial expressions of her subjects!

      • reply Sonja ,

        Polymer clay and talented people never cease to amaze me. I’m so impressed with her work!

        • reply ilsy ,

          the look and expression in his/her face is so real!

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