The land of What If

Yuhr on PCDaily

One benefit of teaching is what the students teach you. Look at this imaginative Miro-like polymer inlay from Florida’s Lynn Yuhr (TheFlyingSquirrelStudio).

My class in Georgia focused on making polymer art for the domestic environment. Students quickly embraced the concepts and happily dressed up sticks, covered paper forms, and drilled holes in whatever wood they could find to inlay. You could see their attitudes change as the possibilities expanded.

Yuhr on PCDaily

Lynn brought wooden jewelry components with her to our class. She and her Florida friends at Banyan Bay are tinkering with wooden beads that can be inlaid. While they were originally thinking of designs for bead weavers, Lynn urged them to consider polymer inlay as well. The new products should be available soon.

Once you enter the land of what if, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

  • reply Carla R. ,

    Cynthia…many years ago I ran across a photo that you had out there of the wooden bowl your husband made, with your inlay. I kept that photo as inspiration for a very long time. Now, our youngest is getting married and I so want to try the polymer inlay on a salad bowl for them. I love this technique!

    • reply Delphine ,

      The harmony of wood and polymer clay is stunning ! Must have been a very interesting class.

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