California’s Caroline McFarlane-Watts ( makes some of the scariest 5″ broads you’ve ever seen.

Her miniatures are custom made for use in film, TV, editorial, advertising and for personal collectors. See these good and bad witches in process on her site.

Caroline shows more of her tricks and treats on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Happy Halloween!

  • reply Kathy McCurry ,

    These are delightful. Wonderful capture of expressions, stature and personalities-plus! Thank you for bringing these to our attention, Cynthia and major kudos to Caroline!

    • reply Aims ,

      I’m happy I clicked on your title as the video did not show in my email.

      That’s me on the bicycle!! Wheeeeeee! Incredible work!!

      • reply Brian Blacknick ,

        Great detail and character in each of those pieces of work. Even more impressive when you consider they’re only 5 inches tall!

        • reply ilse ,

          I love them, it is sooo great that the witches are all from a different country, they represent the countries so well (Y)

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