Blackford on PCDaily

Enjoy Leslie Blackford’s Thanksgiving dinner¬†and your own feast if you’re celebrating in the US today.

In many families, going around the dinner table with each person saying what they’re thankful for is part of the day’s traditions.

I am very grateful to you for joining me to make the world brighter and more colorful. Thank you for being part of PolymerClayDaily.

May love, joy and happiness be yours in abundance this holiday season.

  • reply Laurie Spar ,

    Grateful for all your lessons, tips and inspiration. Wishing you a wonderful holdiday and lots to be grateful for in the coming years.

    • reply Wendy Malinow ,

      Happy Thanksgiving PCD! Thankful for the visual treats delivered every day! Wanna eat that bracelet Leslie… Yum… (Where’s meat eye?)

      • reply Marilyn Davenport ,

        Leslie’s work is so original and clever.

        • reply Leslie a Las kford ,

          Thank you Marilyn and Wendy and Laurie. Happy thanksgiving !
          Wendy- good old “Meat eye” ??? I miss that guy !

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