Harmonious polymer

Jane Pauley wearing polymer bracelet

You might not have noticed the polymer bracelet that Jane Pauley wore for this segment of CBS Sunday Morning. But the bracelet, which was made by the women in the Kindway polymer class at the Ohio Reformatory for Women, is our community’s link to a heartwarming story.

What a healing dose of holiday spirit is hidden in this short segment.

Notice that the warden, Roni Burkes, is also a member of the Harmony choir. Under her guidance the polymer, quilting, writing, dog-training and many other programs at ORW are thriving. The classes awaken creativity and allow inmates to heal and give back.

See more on the ORW Facebook page. Here’s a video that explains the programs more thoroughly. Polymer class is explained at the 3:35 mark.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed stashes of clay, unused equipment, books and tutorials and made generous donations to help the women tap into the creative spirit that we share. Happy holidays!

  • reply Christine Damm ,

    Cynthia, it’s so inspiring to me that you contribute to both the Sammunat program and the inmate one as well. I am so proud that my art community has an advocate like you! I have extra books and equipment I would like to donate– where can I send these things?

    • reply Babs Young ,

      Needless to say Cynthia, I saw this on CBS Sunday Morning and missed the bracelet. So thrilled that this whole program is such a success which was evident on the faces of the women when they sang at the Ohio Theatre. Thanks to you and all you have done to make this program work.

      • reply John Frame ,

        Yes, thank YOU, Cynthia!

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