JScreations scrap idea on PolymerClayDaily.com

Johanna S (JS Creations) hits on all cylinders with this bright necklace that she calls Dust to Dawn. In the first place, the flat disks appearĀ to have been cut from scrap clay (and we’re always chasing scrap clay ideas). And further, the colors are bright enough to warm the most wintry day.

So even though we don’t know who or where Johanna is, this simple necklace is a winner. She only shows up on Flickr. If you can unravel more of this mystery, let us know.

Meanwhile appreciate another cool use of leftovers.

  • reply Dorothy ,

    Your work is gorgeous. I’ve just started working with polymer clay. I’m having trouble with my toaster over keeping a consistent temperature (monitored by an oven thermometer). What oven do you use?

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