Cruising creatively

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We gotta have a chat with Christi Friesen and find out what’s going so right in her life. She’s been churning out new ideas, following her bliss and coloring outside the lines for months.

Take these freeform bowls, for instance. Forget symmetrical half dome bowls. Christi stretches her polymer into shallow elongated irregular ovals. She draws her images of branches, leaves, and flowers and adds color with pastels or paints or whatever strikes her fancy.

Christi’s preparing samples for her upcoming Aloha Creative Hawaiian cruise. That would definitely improve your mood, wouldn’t it? She’s planning another one in 2019 so save your pennies.

You can see more of her brainstorms and samples on Instagram and Facebook.

  • reply Christi Friesen ,

    Thank you Cynthia for such a lovely post. I have been feeling very creatively infused lately. Perhaps it is because my studio is clean for the first time in quite a few years, or maybe it’s this new crop of chocolates that I’ve been nibbling on, who can say! I’m just trying not to question it too much and just go with the flow! Heehee

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