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Croatia’s Nikolina Otrzan loads her shapes with rough textures and subtle colors. These square earrings are an outgrowth of her boxes, tubes and cubes series. Short sections of dark tubes line up into squares.

Seems very simple but Nik goes to great lengths to construct her pieces, paying attention every detail. Now that she’s worked out her own tricks for hollow forms, she’s expanding the jewelry she makes from them.

A walk through her Flickr site or Instagram shows you how her designs are evolving. Her tutorials contain scads of photos that explain every step. She offers a handful of instructions on Etsy and classes on CraftArtEdu. Few polymer artists are as meticulous about how their work is built as Nikolina.

  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

    Love Nik’s work–so well crafted and interesting designs.

    • reply nikolin ,

      Thank you, darling! I think I’ll send you that thingie right away, who knows when we’ll have a chance to meet… though I hope soon! 😉

    • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

      Love her class I took at Clay Carnival last fall. She is a delightful, creative and sharing soul. Thanks for the post.

      • reply nikolina ,

        Thank you, dear Lorrene! It was really nice to meet you, I just hope we had more time… Four days altogether are definitely not enough 😉

      • reply Fiona Abel-Smith ,

        Love Nikolina’s work, and her workshop at Polymania UK 2017 was superb. The thought process behind her initial shapes and how she then builds with them to create wonderful pieces is fascinating.

        • reply nikolina ,

          Dear Fiona, I really appreciate it, thank you so much! I really had a great time, but Bristol is always fun, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to see what you guys will come up with after it 😉

        • reply nikolina ,

          Thank you, dear Cynthia, this was really totally unexpected <3

          • reply Christy Dickerson ,

            Thanks for sharing Nikolina’s work. I was familiar with it, so after an hour and a half on Istagram I’m just getting started. What beautiful work!

            • reply nikolina ,

              Thank you for your kind words, dear Christy! I’m so glad you like it 😉

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