Polymer poetry by GennaRose on PolymerClayDaily.com

After the weekend workshop with Claire Maunsell, several of us who had never been to Boston, took some extra time to soak up the sights. We happened upon GennaRose Nethercott, a lovely young poet, performer, and folklorist who had set up her table and manual typewriter on a street corner and hung out her poetry shingle.

We pooled our money (Helen Malchow was the instigator) and gave GennaRose a few details about our art. She quickly composed this lovely poem. Her words speak to the bonds that are often formed at workshops and conferences. We were verklempt.

Polymer poetry by GennaRose on PolymerClayDaily.com

Polymer: an ode

We are built of you,
O building block of our universe
of eager hands which reach for you,
twist you into beautiful shapes.
The clay brought us to each other.
A love for the curvature of beauty.
For a firmness we can control.
O the color that bounds up
from the jewelry built of you,
not so unlike the wild hues
of our hearts when alit with camaraderie
What is friendship if not
a work of our own art? A sculpted
form we drew together, layered & bright,
in the only way we know how.

by GennaRose Nethercott

What started as a silly prank turned into magic that we wanted to share with you.

Travel is wreaking havoc with the PCDaily schedule so nothing, including a daily post, is assured for a couple of days.

  • reply Christine Damm ,

    Wow– what a beautiful poem! I am saving this one to share with my students this summer. Thanks, Cynthia!

    • reply Louise ,


      • reply Lee Moreno-Lesset ,

        Oh my goodness! What a lovely tribute to art and friendship from a talented poetess!
        And good for you all for choosing adventure!

        • reply Claire Maunsell ,

          It was such a fun encounter, thanks for posting this!

          • reply Patricia Nero ,

            Yes indeed our workshop with Claire was inspiring as is this poem. Thanks for this gift of words.

            • reply Crystal carpenter ,

              Cynthia, I’m so happy you got the chance to check out Boston after creating this weekend. Claire keeps inspiring us.

              • reply Carole ,

                Awe that was beautiful! It brought a sweet tear to my eye.
                So who is going to read this at Synergy??

                • reply Kathryn L K Corbin ,

                  You hear that, Cynthia?!
                  The poem is our new anthem. So flat you posted it. Heather looks enthralled!

                • reply Patrice ,

                  So beautiful and such a meaningful expression of how I feel about my connections with all of my polymer friends! T hanks for sharing Cynthia??

                  • reply Betty Nelsen ,

                    Oh how lovely!! A great way to move into a day that started a little under the weather! Thanks for sharing…

                    • reply Pam Schaefer ,

                      Love this- delightful!

                      • reply Ann Davis ,

                        How sweet and unexpected. Thanks for sharing.

                        • reply Shirley ,

                          Wow! So insightful – lovely! Thank you, Cynthia. This could be a poem for the entire community. Two dear polymer friends and I are taking a girl trip to a workshop in New Mexico soon. I will share this with them, as it fits our friendship perfectly. Praise for GennaRose Nethercott!

                          • reply Helen Malchow ,

                            Cynthia and crew, Thanks soooo much for publishing this. I think she did speak for all of us who meet new friends ,hug old and travel this Polymer world together!!! Soo much fun with you all. She really nailed it. Hugs till we meet again!!! I think this needs to be our new mantra!!!

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