Loew's tag necklace on PolymerClayDaily.com

This tag necklace from Baltimore’s Linda Loew is full of surprises. The dark gold polymer links are stamped, painted and textured in a dark and rough urban grunge style accented with red.

The pieces are thinner than you’d expect and slightly curved during curing. Each is individually shaped.

Linda heads for the fishing department for her findings that make the links twirl on connectors meant for lures. Here’s a second more colorful version.

The necklaces feel like they’re filled with stories…but Linda’s story is hard to find online. You can see a few more of her works on Pinterest.


  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

    As a girl growing up in rural Florida, I fished every day, and loved browsing the aisles of the sporting goods store. I considered using these connectors in jewelry, but ultimately decided against it because of their lead content. I’m glad to see she has found a lead-free alternative.

    • reply Aims ,

      Sadly I can’t look at the more colourful version as it brings up an error.

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