Juliya Laukhina nicks a net of pattern on PolymerClayDaily.com

Moscow’s Juliya Laukhina refines her carving with this newest batch of beads on Instagram. Long nicks of clay dramatically reveal contrasting layers underneath in an almost net-like pattern.

On Etsy, you can see her trying other shapes and sizes as well.

Cuticle cutters are great for carving raw polymer. Could that be what she’s using? I’m adding one more must-try to my studio list. Yours too?

  • reply MaryEtta McGraw ,

    Love these!!

    • reply Juliya Laukhina ,

      Thank you for noticing my work, I’m so happy! Here I worked with a raw clay, but not with the cuticle tool, it was a wood cutter.

      • reply Lynne Bindeman ,

        Dear Juliya, do you give classes in your hometown of Russia? I am from South Africa and are planning to go to Poland and some place more to take classes in polymer clay.
        I love your work!

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