Lucky mysterious polymer

Elephants revisit Inga Rozenberga's studio (Kni-Kni) on

Something about the simple striped cut out embellished with delicate appliques of tiny leaves and flowers adds up to a sweet mystery.

Inga Rozenberga’s (Kni-Kni) Latvian site doesn’t unravel the mystery or the meaning of the elephants that recur in her art. Do they indicate luck, good fortune, wisdom or something else entirely?

No matter! Her art enchants. What mysterious clues do you hide in your art?

  • reply PiperPixieDesigns ,

    I like the texture given to the piece before the leaves and flowers were added. Nice touch;)

    • reply Inga ,

      I wrote this on facebook yesterday. Here is the story about the mystery.
      It’s such a great feeling to be on PCD again. Thank you! I had a little “time out” for a while and didn’t do anything. This is the first elephant.. don’t remember, when was the last one. About the mystery. I think there’s no mystery. 🙂 It started in 2009, when I went to India. I’ve made 11 elephants to give them to people who’ll be kind and nice to me and my friend. Like small gifts. After this trip, I’ve started to work on “the filling” by making it more accurate.
      We are living in incredibly fast time, some people are afraid to stop, to do nothing, to be bored, but it’s very important part of everyday life. My little elephants (3 x 4 cm / 1.2 x 1.6 inch) are like small islands, like small worlds where time has stopped for the viewer. Imagine what one could see there with the help of a magnifying glass!

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