The challenge of Synergy

Sage Bray reinterprets the Ice Plant for the Global Leaf Project

Lindly Haunani presented a lovely tour through the Global Leaf Brooch Design Challenge in a Synergy session yesterday. Lindly has graciously opened the Facebook group to the public so that you can scroll through the many entries like this Ice Plant brooch created by Sage Bray.

You’ll see the finished products and discover both their inspirations and their processes.

And you have a chance to join in! The project collected such interesting works from around the world that it will be ongoing. The details of the continuing effort will be posted shortly.

If you sense that I’m rushed, you’re right. Information and beauty swirl around the IPCA/Synergy4 conference participants and no one wants to miss a minute. Stay tuned for the full reports.

  • reply Lindly ,

    Thank you for posting the link to this challenge.

    • reply Tina ,

      Can. You. Bake polymer with leaves on your projects?

      • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

        Real leave would dry and crack. Polymer leaves, yes. Not sure I understood the questions.

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