Polymer under the bed

Feel the love and understanding in this small sculpture from Wisconsin’s Gina Griffith. Gina shows a deep understanding of children’s fears in her Dark Corners of the Nursery.

The strewn blocks, the bunny slippers, and the superhero cape capture the scene with a little girl clutching the covers as she imagines monsters under her bed.

Enjoy every step in Gina’s detailed process on Instagram and Facebook. And you’ll see the children who are her obvious inspirations.

The little kid in me wants the birthday cake Gina made recently. What lucky kids they are to have such a talented and loving mother. They’ll want to treasure this piece of her heart.

Thanks to Lindly Haunani for introducing PCD to Gina.


  • reply Gina Griffith ,

    Thank you so much for featuring me! I’m absolutely stunned I started sculpting a few years ago and slowly but surely I’ve learned and grown. Its a real passion of mine. Thank you again.

    • reply Julia Powell ,

      How wonderful to see this here – and well deserved! I had seen this in a forum on Facebook and we loved it! Brava!!

      • reply Joe Bailey Sculpture & Design ,

        Gina’s characters are amazing…so much detail and emotion in the pieces…superb, imaginative artist! 🙂

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