Layered and assembled elements

Mari O'Dell's assembled extruded pendants on
Mari O'Dell's assembled extruded pendants on

Mari O’Dell has been dreaming up Japanese-inspired pendants in her Annapolis, Maryland studio/treehouse.

She begins with castings made from segments of antique Japanese kashigata molds. Translucent polymer tinted to look like jadeite is pressed into the molds and cured. The elements are set aside to be assembled into finished pendants.

Mari uses a distinctive way layering on extruded Japanese design elements. Though she has limited strength in her hands, she’s devised clever extruder workarounds.

The piece is then surrounded by a bezel made of thin strips of clay and the entire work is mounted on clay backing. The final touches involve alcohol inks, heat set stamp inks and a final curing.

Follow along with more of her designs and experiments on her Instagram site.

  • reply Ellen ,

    Love the work Mari does, she is a constant inspiration! Her colors and design spur me on!
    keep it up Mari

    • reply mari o'dell ,

      It was lovely to wake up, on an overcast morning, to your generous sharing of my work. I feel that polymer clay allows many folks with physical challenges to continue to explore their inner artist. Thank you for continuing to inspire us.

      • reply Jane Gassner ,

        Wow! Thanks, Mari & Cynthia for sharing.

        • reply Joy Woelfer ,

          Congrats, Mari. Your work is fabulous!

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