Bringing scrap to life

Angela Bahrenholtz combines her scrap techniques on PolymerClayDaily

Israel’s Angela Bahrenholz has all her ways of simulating fabrics and combined them into three polymer wall quilts, each a 3″ square. Scrap polymer becomes scrap quilts.

Her methods are quite addictive, cutting and stacking repeatedly. You use up your scrap and precision isn’t much of an issue. A win-win in my estimation. The results bring the clay back to life. Examine all her pieced polymer quilts and other art on Flickr. See her tutorials and finished works on Etsy.

  • reply Linda Lapery-Criscuolo ,

    I would never have thought of this….this I could achieve. But, they’re colorful, interesting and would make the walls of any room happier!!! Love it.

    • reply silva na bates ,

      So lovely and cheerful:)

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