Barb Fajardo embraces matte finish on PolymerClayDaily

Albuquerque’s Barb Fajardo has tweaked and tried every variation of her mokume gane. Her color choices are striking and her compositions are amazing. Now she’s trying to do less.

“I’m loving making earrings these days since I’ve recently forgone sanding. I’ve gotten lots of great feedback on the matte finish,” Barb says.

Is there a step in your work that you need to rethink and dial back?

Join us at StudioMojo Saturday where we look at lots of alternative approaches to work. Bigger? Brighter? Simpler? Crazier? Sure! Why not? Pop on over for a walk on the sometimes wilder side. 

  • reply Karen Brueggemann ,

    Wow, I love the new look! These look like miniature abstract paintings. So creative and, l’ll bet so much fun to make!

    • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

      Ohhh! I absolutely love these.

      • reply Barb Fajardo ,

        What a lovely surprise to wake up to first thing in the morning! I do love making these earrings and can’t get enough of experimenting with different ways to do mokume gane and adding texture to the technique. So many possibilities…I have about 20 more pairs of earrings waiting to be finished! Thank you Cynthia for the shout out and Happy (soon to be) Birthday. Ours both might be on the 28th, I can’t remember…haha crs disease 😉

        • reply Mary Ann Kermani ,

          Cynthia, of all the poly posts, I find your earrings exception, finally something I’d actually wear!!
          Great designs, keep up the good work! I was starting to lose interest, didn’t want to wear anyhing I made!!

          • reply Jane cox ,

            They are just lovely Cynthia. Earrings are so fiddly to sand/buff – think I should follow your lead ?

            • reply Leslie ,

              Love your earrings!
              I would love to learn how to work with polymer clay.
              How did you learn. Have you ever taught classes?
              I live in a retirement community in Arizona, there are so many artists here and many classes, but no polymer clay.
              I’d drive to Albuquerque to learn if you teach.
              Kind regards, Leslie

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