Tory Hughes requests your prayers (but no calls) on

One of the most significant leaders in our craft is not well. It’s quiet at Atelier Hughes in downtown Santa Fe, home to polymer pioneer Tory Hughes.

Tory has always been attuned to the power of friends’ energy and she let me know that she can use the best thoughts, prayers, and memories that we can wing her way.

While Tory very much values your support, to lessen her distress about missed calls she asks that no one text or call her. Notes mailed to her address (1437 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501) would be wonderful.

Two lovely friends, Annie Houten and Cynde Tagg from Albuquerque, are looking after Tory’s day-to-day affairs and can be contacted.

In case you’re not acquainted with Tory’s legacy, enjoy this virtual tour from October 2017 when the studio was strung with her latest mobiles and full of pieces from decades of work. The mobiles balanced and swayed brightly in the New Mexico breezes. I like to think of them catching the energies you send her now.

  • reply dayle doroshow ,

    Sending all my love and support to this wonderful artist and dear friend.

    • reply Leila ,

      Sending much love and healing energy, I learned so much from her wonderful videos! ?????

      • reply Sherry Bailey ,

        Oh, no… I hope she is rapidly improving.

        • reply Vicki Harrison-Sewell ,

          I do so hope she gets my ‘good vibes’ from ‘across the pond’, & hope she will respond by feeling better soon!..

          • reply Luann Udell ,

            I owe Tory everything. Her faux ivory technique, which she created early on in her polymer art career, is the foundation I’ve built my art on. Deep wishes for recovery and peace to her.

            • reply Tina ,

              Like Luann, I owe Tory my start with polymer clay. Her work influenced much of what I learned and is the basis with my journey of faux techniques. Sending much love.

              • reply Wendy Moore ,

                I “met” Tory doing one of her Creativitiy courses and am so grateful that we then became friends. She has been to Australia twice and knows she has a home here. Her influence on me even identifying myself as an artist has been profound. Sending so so much love dear Tory.

                • reply Susan Hyde ,

                  So sorry to hear Tory isn’t well. Wish her the best and rapid healing……

                  • reply Lulubadgley ,

                    Tory is my biggest inspiration. Took her classes, read her books, drooled over her work. Sending my love

                    • reply Lyone Fein ,

                      Sending healing thoughts and energy. Wishing Tory peace and growth during all coming events.

                      • reply Sarah ,

                        Oh I am so sorry. You could have knocked me down as soon as I read this. I am focused on Tory’s recovery and thankful that I too have felt the benefits of her warmth and generous spirit.

                        • reply Shirley ,

                          Sending healing thoughts to Tory, an unmatched artist and an outstanding and committed mentor and teacher. Two friends and I were fortunate to take our first class from her this past June, and it turned out to be such a growth exoerience, not only with regard to ideas and techniques, but also in learning to think about art.

                          • reply Jay ,

                            I am concentrating as much healing energy that i can on a sweet note Tory sent me when I bought her Chameleon book many years ago. She is a wonderful person and a sensational artist. She is truly loved for her work and herself. So sorry to hear she is not well. Lets all concentrate on her healing. WE LOVE YOU TORY.

                            • reply Susan Childress ,

                              Please keep us posted on her condition. I did send a card today and will send more but I wish there were more I could do!

                              • reply Cami ,

                                We have never met in person but I know you through your terrific video’s and have learned so much, I’m sending many good vibes and prayers for your speedy recovery. Love the video and your mobiles are so beautiful. Sending well wishes

                                • reply Patricia ,

                                  I’ve taken many of Tori’s classes. She is an amazing woman and artist. I’m sending thoughts of love and healing to her. Please keep me informed.

                                  • reply LaLa Ortiz ,

                                    Love and Light to you dear Tory! Thank you for sharing your knowledge so generously! Thank you for your gentle guidance, encouragement, and firm, timely pushes! I owe so much to you! (((HUGS))) dear friend! <3

                                    • reply B ,

                                      Sending wishes for comfort, peace, strength and healing to Tory – she of astonishingly beautiful work and artistic vision these many years.

                                      • reply Elaine ,

                                        Sending love and healing thoughts. I learned so much both as an artist and a spiritual being from Tory. She is a vibrant and exceptional person. She brought beauty and light to the world; hope all this healing energy gives her strength and recovery. Much Love and Hugs

                                        • reply Ruth Walzer Shine ,

                                          Yes…you quickly became our Muse, our Mentor…polymer clay all of a sudden had so many more possibilities, thanks to you..
                                          Will never forget those wonderful moments with you…plus the workshops you gave in Montreal….
                                          The evenings making molds of our special treasures…with a glass of red wine.
                                          Salud Amiga..You will always be with us…

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