On Facebook, Ponsawan Sila shares her texture trick for these playful beads. She wraps the base beads in crepe paper and gives the paper a twist to create the illusion of wrinkled fabric. Then she applies the circles of color. 

Ponsawan Sila wraps and rolls on PolymerClayDaily.com

Whenever I’m exasperated with the rush of silly stuff online, I think of people like Ponsawan who moved from Indiana to Thailand. She stays in touch! She’s still one of the gang sharing her creative sparks with all of you. It’s good to be reminded that these connections can make our lives better. Thanks, Ponsawan.

  • reply Laurie Mika ,

    And thank you Cynthia for keeping the rest of us in touch with one another through your daily musings…..after all these years PCD is still the one blog post I look forward to each morning, providing me with a little dose of inspiration like today’s post about Ponsawan and her creative crepe covered beads!

  • reply M Jones ,

    They remind me of spring . Walnuts with lady bugs on them. Cute! Thank you for sharing .

    • reply Nonie Connor ,

      That is quite simply a brilliant technique for creating a fabulous texture. So easy to do, but packing a great visual punch. Thank you Ponsawan for an extra bit of inspiration, and Cynthia for making it available to a wider audience.

      • reply Marilyn Davenport ,

        I know Ponsawan and I really like her and her jewelry! Marilyn Davenport

        • reply Vicki Harrison-Sewell ,

          Dear Cynthia..i’m really enjoying the PCD items each day. For years i have felt isolated with the craft as it’s not as popular over here in Blighty. However i’ve just found, & joined, the BPCG. Not good with this on-line stuff yet, so please bear with me re: errors!! Thank you so much for your daily shot of inspiration!!..regards..vicki @ ragsngiz.

          • reply linda c hess ,

            always coming up with something amazing! Love Pons work

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