Jana Roberts Benzon taps into her floral design past on PolymerClayDaily.com

Utah’s Jana Roberts Benzon can’t stop carving polymer and now she understands why. Jana explains.

This newest mash-up of my carving and murmuration techniques has been rewarding, As I was making these small arrangements I realized that something felt very familiar. For 20 years, I had my own floral design company! Assembling these new little gardens woke up some old muscle memory from my floral work. There it was, ready for service! The body doesn’t forget. Those things we practice lie in wait for later use.

Textiles, illustration, painting, cooking and other crafts we’ve loved can imbue works with our history. What echoes from your past reappear in your designs?

  • reply Laurie Mika ,

    Love this….Jana’s realization that all we have done before lies within, informing the creative choices we make each time we touch clay! It would be fun to see a series of pics of people’s work before polymer and then see their current work in polymer….

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