Walk a mile in my shrine

Laurie Mika's class of shoe shrine worshippers on PolymerClayDaily.com

Laurie Mika’s home/studio class turned antique wooden shoe lasts into vintage jewelry and polymer-encrusted shrines topped with regal crowns.

What a treasure to tuck on a bookshelf or feature on a coffee table. Important dates and words are stamped into the clay and mysterious photos become focal points. Laurie makes us want to haunt the flea markets and antique stores. Read about them on Instagram and look for a class near you on Laurie’s site.

  • reply Diana Reid ,

    Absolutely brilliant!!!!

    • reply Vicki Harrison-Sewell ,

      Wow! These shoes are fab, i love them!.. Someone gave me a large green ceramic shoe ages ago, & it cried out for polymer clay, so i set about it recently with the hopes of exhibiting it in our local art society show in July! Fingers crossed! X

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