NinaStudioCaracas stirs up a polymer tableware collection on

An interesting sculpture? A grouping of succulents? Nope! This is a Mother’s Day bonanza of wooden utensils with polymer-covered handles. You know how moms love it when you gift something that’s both handmade and utilitarian.

NinaStudioCaracas stirs up a polymer tableware collection on

Venezuela’s NinaStudioCaracas specializes in wooden cooking utensils and tableware embellished with polymer. Here they are on Instagram.

We’ve stirred up a delicious bunch of tips, tools, and trends for Saturday’s StudioMojo. And this week you’ll consider what your art has done for you lately. Fun stuff! Join us. 

  • reply MariaEva Ramos ,

    Dear Cynthia,

    First of all, I want to apologize for the lateness of my response but my Internet service works very badly.

    You can’t imagine the joy you gave me when you published my pieces on your blog, first, because I think I’m the first Venezuelan (who lives in Venezuela) that you mention, second, because you can’t imagine the gigantic injection of joy and hope that you gave me and last but not less important, I love that you turn your eyes to South America that has so many talented artists.

    In my country every day keeping a company becomes a titanic task. More than 5 million Venezuelans have had to emigrate from the country due to the narco-terrorist-communist government that for 19 years has been implanted by force in our country and I’m part of a large conglomerate that, although we can emigrate, we want to stay in our country to rebuild it.
    I entered the wonderful world of polymer clay in 2010 and since then I haven’t stopped. My company is called Niná Studio and I started making accessories for women and participating in fairs and exhibitions and teaching (but I stopped doing it in 2012). Getting the materials has become a very difficult task but when you love what you do, you find the way to do it. For my most recent accessories collection “Candy Bracelets” made with gold and silver leaves, as I couldn’t import alcohol inks by government restrictions, I made them myself with Sharpie markers and with rubbing alcohol.

    What I want to say is that in spite of everything I will go ahead and that polymer clay will continue to be represented in Venezuela with love and passion.

    Thank you for looking at my work and thank you for looking at the work of Latin Americans. I send you a very, very big hug and many kisses.

    With gratitude.

    María Eva

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