Round and round polymer

Jana Lehmann winds up with a winner on

Germany’s Jana Lehmann begins your week with cheery circles of extruded strings of polymer that wind up happily next to each other.

Well, at least most of the strands are extruded. I’m scratching my head about the patterned ones. See for yourself on Instagram.

Altogether the mix of geometrics forms an eye-catching abstract pendant or brooch.

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  • reply Jana Lehmann ,

    Thank you Cynthia! That’s a surprise. Yes, I use Instagram now. Usually I post the nice, finished stuff on facebook and other pictures like unfinished pieces and messy-table-pics on instagram. Sorry for the bad quality of the pic, I already played with filters. This is the first attempt of a new design and it’s not supposed to be finished. I’ll post the finished necklace on facebook in a few days. Thank you again for the feature, you made me happy.

    • reply Dan ,

      I always love catching up with Jana’s work. She really deserves to be recognized for her bold work, especially her ingenious use of colour. Thanks Cynthia. Congrats Jana!

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