Stripes will make winter warmer

Katie Way turns stripes into polymer bargello on

Oklahoma’s Katie Way made stripes in her own distinctive palette using Carol Blackburn’s clever instructions. By cutting slim slices and incrementally jogging their positions, Katie re-assembled her stripes into a veneer that looks like a miniature afghan. It could provide warmth in some dollhouse this winter.

The result is so alluring she probably hates to cut it to make her holiday jewelry line. Go to Katie’s Instagram to see what her veneer becomes.

Over at StudioMojo this weekend, I’m taking a deep breath and revealing the subject of a new book I’m writing. I won’t be alone.┬áThere are several other polymer artists who are writing this fall. Join us to read about the bumper crop of books and the trends that have started a buzz.

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    Always nice to get a mention on PCD especially when it features work of a talented student. Katie, you’re on a roll here and I know you’ll create beautiful jewellery with the pattern.

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        I always want to earn that technique.

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