Fancy polymer acorns

Perfectly autumnal acorns from Kathy Koontz on

South Carolina’s Kathy Koontz (FlowertownOriginals) gathered up a stash of these exotic looking acorn tops from under a burr oak tree (in a Michaels parking lot). What would any self-respecting polymer artist do with such a fabulous find?

She’s put these colorful and properly topped acorns on Etsy to decorate someone else’s window sill for fall. I am so very tempted to snatch them up, aren’t you?

  • reply Laurie Mika ,

    Those acorns are ingenious! Thanks for sharing these wonderful finds!

    • reply Christina L Whipple ,

      These are adorable!!!

      • reply Francie Owens ,

        The caps look more like Sawtooth Oaks to me. There is an arboretum where I work and we have several oaks including Bur and Sawtooth. I love them all!

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