Nine of Elise Winters' 64" wrapping rope necklaces from 2004 on


by Fran Abrams

An icon in my artistic medium
died today
Cancer, the notice said

I was introduced to her at a conference
Heard her speak at a seminar
Ate dinner at the same table at another event
I never knew her personally
Didn’t know she was ill

Yet I feel personally bereft
Feel as if the saying
She will be missed
is much too casual
for her contributions to the field

Without her crusade to bring attention to polymer clay
Without her donation of her own collection to several museums
Without her own exquisite designs
Would the recognition be so great?
Would my own work be in a museum today?
I think not

I grieve because I can see clearly
the steps of her life leading
to a moment in my life
How her life
changed the story of mine

Photo, Elise Winters necklaces, Nine Sautoir, 2004, 64-inch wrapping rope necklaces with gold, vermeil, sterling silver and mica

  • reply Linda Loew ,

    What a lovely tribute… And Fran states my feelings better than I could.
    I didn’t know Elise but nonetheless I feel the loss…

    • reply Erin Prais-Hintz ,

      Such beautiful artistry. Such beautiful words. Such a beautiful life.

      • reply Laura Lang ,

        • reply Kim Bozarth ,

          A long admirer of her work, my heartfelt sympathy to her family and friends. So grateful for all she did for the elevation of polymer artistry.

          • reply Judy ,

            Who died? No name was mentioned. I hate to see great artists pass the world is worse off for the loss.

            • reply Tracey Lowe ,

              A beautiful tribute to a very talented artist! May her legacy live forever!

              • reply Jeanette ,

                I had the pleasure of meeting Elise and she gave me a pair of earrings that I treasure.

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