Summertime polka dots

Doing the perfect polka dot on

I couldn’t help myself. I spent a perfect summer day claying with friends in the neighborhood (more on that this weekend). I indulged my love of polka dots and paired them with my Matisse obsession. Soon I’ll have some to sell.

Follow Lynda Gilcher’s instructions for precise extruded dots. It requires two passes through the extruder.

Extrude each color through a circle die to get consistently sized round logs. Wrap sections of the extruded logs with your background color (I used white). Then extrude that wrapped log through a square die. Assemble the squares into a cane.

Tomorrow it’s back to looking at your work instead of mine. Sometimes you need a playful diversion.

  • reply Anita Behnen ,

    So glad Lynda’s recognized. Thank you Cynthia!!! She is a great artist, a great asset to our clay guild and her extruder disks are awesome!!! Yea Lynda!!!!

    • reply Loretta ,

      Brilliant! Speaking for all of those who love their dots…thank you Lynda and Cynthia.

      • reply Jody ,

        Thanks Cynthia for the great post and the link. I love the earrings. Please let us know when they are available for sale. I’d love to buy a pair.

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