Swimming upstream on Monday

Sonya Girodon's multi-media fish swim on the wall on PolymerClayDaily

France’s Sonya Girodon created these two multi-media fish, Franky and Rose, with paper mache bodies then gave them wire fins and dazzling scales made of polymer veneers.

They’re mounted on an 8″x8″ painted wooden frame where they wait for a wall to swim on.

Just a couple of happy fish to start your week.

  • reply Sonya Girodon ,

    Thanks so much for the feature and the link to my online shop, Cynthia!! Much appreciated! xox

    • reply Luann Udell ,

      I LOVE Sonya’s work. Always innovative, always exquisitely finished, always beautiful. I love how the wires act like “pencil lines”, crossing the (medium) boundaries and accenting the finished work.

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