Nancy Nearing brings veneers to life with dimension on

What a difference dimension makes! Ohio’s Nancy Nearing has been on a roll since taking Lindly Haunani’s class.

The flat veneers below are very much Lindly-inspired but they are infused with Nancy’s aesthetic.

When Nancy ruffles and bends

Nancy Nearing brings veneers to life with dimension on

and sculpts the flat collages, she takes them to a whole different place.

Nancy’s a neighbor so I caught this project mid-process. They’re not even on her Instagram yet! We will revisit them when she adds more flowery details and mounts them in shadow boxes.

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  • reply Kristie Foss ,

    Wow! These are a great inspiration – the imagination is spinning! Really looking forward to seeing those shadow boxes. 🙂

    • reply Mary Etta McGraw ,

      These are really fantastic – fantastic!!!

      • reply Laura Lang ,

        What a difference! Who knew a bit of dimension could be so fun!

        • reply Deborah E Goodrow ,

          It’s so cool to see something evolve from the original lesson into the vision of the individual artist. I have taken Lindly’s class too, and these are marvelous. I can see where they came from, but the additional growth is fantastic.

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