The vibrancy of fall

My vacation’s over! This necklace with wild fall colors from Ukraine’s Irina Karminova shows us how vibrant and exciting the season ahead can be if you keep your eyes open.

Welcome back! Vibrant fall colors from Irina Karminova on

Irina explains that “I rarely use such shades in my work, but a recent walk in the park inspired me! I saw a bush of fall wild barberry with leaves of pink-purple colors and bright red berries! So unusual and beautiful! And I decided to make it!”

Thanks for coming back for a daily dose of polymer art that will nudge your work forward.

If you hunger for more, trot right on over to for a weekend wrap up and insider’s look.

  • reply Mary Etta McGraw ,

    This is really lovely. Thank you for sharing

    • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

      I love this so much. I made yellow roses go ’round my neck a few years ago. Maybe there should be a challenge for spring on the IPCA FB site.

      • reply Laura Lang ,

        Welcome back! I bet you were creative!

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