Train wreck polymer

A train wreck of a day. Everyone has them, right? I’m rolling with it.

I’ll be back tomorrow.

  • reply Beverly Borwick ,

    ?? Hi Cynthia!
    Your polymer clay creations have inspired me, as a NEWBIE!

    Now I’m filled with fresh inspiration and passion!!!

    In my home Design Studio, I am equipped and supplied with jewelry components and a relatively small supply of polymer clay and equipment!

    I have, quite a while ago, made my first Skinner Blend and a Consultant of pretty beads with grommets.

    So thanks for your beautiful inspiration! ?

    “Designing with passion, style and grace!”

    In Memphis
    Tennessee USA ??

    • reply Zoe ,

      Sorry you’re having a rough day!!! I hope it gets better. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog. It brings me so much inspiration.

      • reply Lynn ,

        Just saw your post and wanted to wish you a wreckless day.

        • reply marijke owen ,

          well, we all have them, so a transaustralian hug, and pick up the pieces and make mosiacs.

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