Polymer schnitzels

Kim Arden cooks up some polymer schnitzel on PolymerClayDaily.com

“I love making these veneer sheets out of the tiny schnitzels that I get after cutting out pendants and earrings,” says Ohio’s Kim Arden.

Kim Arden cooks up some polymer schnitzel on PolymerClayDaily.com

“I gather up all the bits and piece them together like a puzzle. Once assembled, I’ll put a backing behind it for strength. It’s painstaking but an enjoyable task that I came up with just by fooling around with scraps.” she says. This petal necklace is one of the results.

Since I’m working to finish a new book on scraps this felt like a big gift dropped into my lap.

Kim proves my theory that all the bits of design decisions in “schnitzel” can add up to something richer, bigger, bolder than we ever expected.

Read more and see Kim’s in-process shots here on Facebook. Thanks to Kim (and to Sue Screws for pointing it out).

  • reply Luann Udell ,

    Gorgeous! Recycling scraps is not only thrifty and ecologically sound, but can also be a real game-changer. I found a piece of scrap on my table a couple years ago, thought it was a rabbit running….and guess what happened next?! 😀

    • reply Lyn Tremblay ,

      I love working with scraps. My friends often give me their scraps just to see what I can come up with? I just finished a whole bunch of earrings using bits from my scrap box. It is sort of like putting together a ‘crazy quilt block’ pattern.

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