Barbara McGuire’s shimmering mokume

Barbara Mcguire's painterly approach to mokume gane on

North Carolina’s Barbara McGuire will be teaching her own special brand of Mokume Gane this weekend at Tryon’s Arts and Crafts school. These class samples have me salivating.

Barbara’s Shimmering Mokume brings influences from Gustav Klimt with a touch of Paul Klee (to my eye at least).

Wouldn’t you love to know how she arrives at such painterly pieces?

Study her on Facebook. She offers some wonderfully deep rubber stamps in her Etsy shop.

  • reply Barbara McGuire ,

    Cynthia I am so grateful for your encouragement. Thank you. My horoscope said something monumental was going to happen – and honestly your surprize feels like this is it! Very happy to be teaching again! – Thank You, Barbara

    • reply sherri ,

      Such inspiring work, Congratulations!

      • reply Laurie Mika ,

        These are sooo beautiful…..and you nailed it with your description of these beauties! Barbara is immensely talented!

        • reply Luann Udell ,

          I love the quiet elegance and subtle colors of these pieces. You rock, Barbara!

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