Walk on the wild side

Margaret Polcawich takes a different tack on PolymerClayDaily.com

Lindly’s fundraising campaign has put me back in touch with artists who usually lurk quietly in the background.

What a treat to get reacquainted with Maryland’s Margaret Polcawich. Her vessels and wall art have a delicate sensibility….reeds blowing in the wind, small tiles thick with color, vessels with spindly legs.

They trigger some part of my brain that says, “Yes…let’s try that!” Visit her site if you need to walk on the wild side.

  • reply MaryEtta McGraw ,

    What a treat!

    • reply S.Conaway ,

      Wow! Margaret’s website shows work that is so beautiful and unique. I’ve not seen anything like it. Thank you for featuring this artist, Cynthia!

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