An early Ron Lehocky heart for 2020's V-Day on

I went way back into PCD archives to pick out my 2020 Ron Lehocky valentine.

This is an early Ron though I’m not sure what year. Maybe he can tell us.

The background dots are black on color. They frame the dimensional heart whose dots reverse to color on black. It’s loose and carefree, probably from before he set his goal of 50,000 hearts.

Ron can make beautiful hearts in his sleep now. This playful version still sings.

Ron will probably reach his goal this year. That’s $500,000 raised for his Kids Center Heart Pin Project. Who better to feature on this day of love?

  • reply Fran Faust ,

    LOVE Dr. Ron Lehocky for his work in his field of medicine and for his beautiful heart creations!??

    • reply Suzanne ,

      The ultimate Valentine Dr. Ron ! He is our number one heart guy !

      • reply Aims ,

        What selfless dedication and for such a great cause. We could all learn from Dr. Ron.

        • reply Luann Udell ,

          He is a powerful force for good in the world! I love this piece, I love his goal, and I love that he reached it.

          • reply Ron Lehocky. ,

            Thanks, Cynthia, for featuring my “puffy heart” brooch. The origin of this process was an outgrowth of the heart project and dates back about 13 years. I would make a veneer and after cutting out a heart I would use the left over piece with the open heart shape as a die. After it was backed I then took another veneer and push it through the die piece to puff out the heart. I used poly fill to maintain the puffiness when I did a second bake. Final step was applying a backing and bake again.
            Thanks for making this Valentine day special.

            • reply Maureen Thomas ,

              My heart is melting….thanks for this lovely Valentine’s Day post!!!

              • reply Barbara Liane Toothman ,

                Thank u Cynthia for such a wonderful Valentine’s collection of heartfelt projects. Quite a collection.

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