Captain America appears

Does this happen in your studio at night? Watching this stop motion sculpt of Captain America by Döuyin (@thdrawing) will make you believe it could.

Ok, very silly but I couldn’t stop looping it.

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  • reply Beverly Borwick ,

    A new “Fork in the road” for my creative journey and inspiration!!!
    And I’m still just a “Newbie”!!!

    Requesting guidance please:
    In December 2019 I joined the “PCA 2020” bandwagon, but I still have not begun! I’m equipped and supplied, but I don’t know where to find the “portal” to jump in!
    I already missed the January “Poppies” and now it’s mid-late February!
    I have the gumroad APP. Can I backtrack to the beginning so I don’t miss out on anything?

    • reply Karen Koch ,

      Hi Beverly,
      This isn’t a lot of guidance, but I believe you are in the wrong place to get the help you are seeking. Polymer Clay Adventure 2020 runs at:
      I’ve had a lot of problems myself with Gumroad, but if you send Ilysa / Kira an e-mail I believe they will help you out.

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