Animal natures in clay

Leslie Blackford's bunnies gather in the spring on

Friends came back from a weekend class with Kentucky’s Leslie Blackford gushing about how much they’d learned about clay…and themselves.

There’s something touching, innocent, and vulnerable in Leslie’s unending series of loveable animal sculptures. How does she do that?

For the next few weeks, she will show how she imbues simple sculpted animals with irresistible qualities.

Class details are on Facebook. The tutorials are accessible, inexpensive and just the kind of play your inner child may be yearning for in rough times.

  • reply RANDEE M KETZEL ,

    If you have never taken a class with Leslie, you owe it to yourself to do so. she makes sculpting effortless; her creatures are deceptively simple but they come from a background of deep and omnivorous knowledge. This is a woman who knows her art history.

    • reply LINDA LIVAUDAIS ,

      This is my bunny! I was so shocked to see him this morning. Thank you. Leslie makes things fun and easy. I face timed with my 5 year old grandson yester and taught him how to make the bunny face for his art lesson.

      • reply Zoe Lewis ,

        Cynthia, thank you so much for your wonderful, positive blog! You are keeping many people sane!!!!

        • reply carol routh ,

          Leslie is WONDERFUL!!!! She came to Portand and gave a delightful, fun, inspiring class which we will never forget. We wished she was a lot closer to Oregon! She is magic when it comes to animals. Just a few quick pinches here or there and she transforms a bunny to a fox to a bear to a cat to a dog…. seriously magical!

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