Learning in isolation

Mindy Meyers teaches herself color during isolation on PolymerClayDaily

These times aren’t easy for creatives. Illinois’ Mindy Meyers decided that isolation was the perfect time to follow the lessons in the color book from Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio.

Mindy’s color studies have propelled her forward. “I decided the first of this month to go back and read the book word for word and to do each and every exercise. I’ve just finished chapter 3. Things are making much more sense to me now,” says Mindy.

Mindy Meyers teaches herself color during isolation on PolymerClayDaily

“I am truly enjoying myself and following the book gives me a regimen. Rather than going to my studio and having no idea where to start, I appreciate having the exercises to do,” she continues.

Do you need a routine or a regimen to get you back on track? Pull out that favorite book or tutorial and give it a try.

  • reply Joan Clipp ,

    This is so smart! We first look at the pictures and maybe read it cover to cover. But this is a great way to learn by studying deeply, a book we already have. Getting my copy out now. Thanks!

    • reply Beverly Borwick ,

      Who loves EXERCISES?!
      Well, these exercises will help develop color sense, color inspiration, color freedom and discipline —
      and so much more!

      I can never have too many tools ? in my creativity box!

      So yes, I want and need this as I slowly venture farther into designing and making with polymer clay!!!

      • reply Peggy Bellm - Pegalie ,

        Mindy – Congratulations on being featured on Polymer Clay Daily. This is quite an honor. PCD is my first stop each morning as it is for most PC artists. I like to think that seeing the versatility of polymer and my work at Cedarhurst was a part of your impetus to work with this “endless possibilities” medium. Again, congrats and keep in touch! Peg

        • reply JANE GASSNER ,

          I’m doing something similar with Barbara McGuire’s book, Polymer Clay Design. Also using Donna Kato’s, The Art of Polymer Clay, and Tory Hughes, Polymer: The Chameleon Clay to guide me in getting deeper into what it means to me when I create art.

          • reply Joanne M Newman ,

            I couldn’t agree with you more, as I do the same thing, read cover to cover and maybe do one or two exercises. I’m going to pull my book back out too. This is the perfect time.

            • reply Martha Aleo ,

              • reply Laurie Hubbs ,

                I’ve been doing the same thing. Not only an I learning so much about polymer clay and color, I’m enjoying the feeling of accomplishment when I complete an exercise and have a useful tool for my next creation! What a great book!

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