Culture on a string


Debbie Jackson explores black culture on a string on PolymerClayDaily

Debbie Jackson and I had a conversation today about recent events. We decided to lean into the discomfort of the issues that have been swirling around us to get some clarification and to be able to move ahead.

I knew I’d make some blunders (I did) and Debbie knew she wouldn’t have all the answers (she didn’t). But it was a start.

Debbie is exhausted and emotionally drained by recent events but she’s also hopeful that society can be repaired.

Come see how a black artist who has worked hard to make her living in polymer has plowed through a difficult landscape and succeeded. Debbie’s works are sold at the National Museum of African American History and Culture and she has taught and written, collaborated, and organized in amazing ways.

Her Miami University summer workshop (now postponed) is entitled “Culture on a String” and that says a lot about how Debbie envisions her polymer art.

Our StudioMojo interview was a start in my education and a necessary first step to better understanding and healing. 

  • reply Nadya ,

    Wow, so beautiful and unique! Hope this situation will be solved as soon as possible)

    • reply Laurie Mika ,

      Debbie’s beautiful and ethnically inspired work has always provided a much needed voice in our clay community…..thanks for spotlighting her and her contributions in polymer.

      • reply Sylvia ,

        I wholly support your work and your right to have a pay wall for special postings, but wonder if something of this importance should be available to the community at large? A lot of media sites are allowing people to see coverage of the pandemic, BLM rallies, and other timely issues. Just a thought.

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