Helene JeanClaude uses polymer to update your wardrobe on PolymerClayDaily.com

Monday can be a shock to the system and sometimes it helps to start slowly. What could be easier than buttons?

These simple gems from France’s Helene JeaneClaude have a surprising sophistication. The shape is common but the patterns are exciting. Some have a fiber look, others could be stone.

She may have used silkscreens over marbled clay. Go to her Instagram to see lots of others. Helene has been in a button mood lately and her methods change from batch to batch.

Swap out ho-hum buttons with your own fashionable versions. Two holes in a colorful slab of polymer and you can extend the life of your favorite sweater or jacket.

  • reply Luann Udell ,

    These are beautiful!
    Careful, though. I started out making my own polymer clay buttons for the little sweaters I knit for my kids when they were little. Look where it took me! 🙂

    • reply LaLa Ortiz ,

      I love how polymer buttons can turn simple garments into fab fashion art to wear!

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