Bridget Derc puts her heart on the wall on

Did Monday’s post sound distressed? Thanks for your condolences. You know how those moments go. I finished in the nick of time and the box is in the mail. I’m over it.

Then I came across Briget Derc’s latest wall piece for her home and I’m humbled. It’s so complex and multi-layered.

Bridget Derc puts her heart on the wall on

There’s a difference between “must-make-25 quickly” and making something that you’ll walk by every night on your way to the bathroom for the next 10 years. No judgments, it’s just a different way of working.

Much of Bridget comes through in her intense 12″x12″  polymer painting. She shows a fascinating step-by-step on Flickr.

  • reply Linda L ,

    Stellar…simply gorgeous!!!

    • reply Christine Kaitlyn ,

      Wow! Stunning pieces on Flicker!!!

      • reply Marilyn ,

        One of the best ever!!! She’s amazing!!!

        • reply Cynthia Clayworth ,

          I just wanted to thank Bridget for the wonderful sharing of her work in the tutorial! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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