Gosia expresses emotion in her pensive sculptures on PolymerClayDaily.com

This Toronto-based artist goes by the single name Gosia and works in many sculptural clays including this stunning piece, Pearl, made with polymer clay and gypsum.

The range of quiet emotions Gosia conveys in her artworks is the most important aspect for the artist who hopes to connect viewers to contemplate their deeper feelings.

Gosia creates an original bust design then casts it a number of times but changes the original image into completely different female personalities by hand sculpting Neo-romantic embellishments and fine details which makes each one singularly unique. Her colors are often very muted.

Emotion is not usually a highly discussed element in polymer clay but it’s definitely present in many polymer artists’ work. Does emotion play a part in your work?

  • reply Linda L. ,

    Utterly beautiful – stunniing emotional piece!

    • reply MaryEtta McGraw ,

      Extraordinary – completely pulled my mind from my world for the time I spent looking. So beautiful…

      • reply Chris Kaitlyn ,

        Stunning piece and other pieces on her web page. Thank you for finding this artists work and sharing it with us.

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