Joseph Barbaccia is notorious on

Joseph Barbaccia first drew this Notorious portrait using a digital pen and Photoshop. Then a client commissioned it as a 15″x15″ polymer work.

Joseph Barbaccia is notorious on

Watch how Joseph sets up his extruded string palette and gets to work.

He glides smoothly between digital drawing and polymer string mosaic. As you come closer, strokes become thin lines of polymer transformed into a stunning image.

Even his business card uses a polymer thread for a logo.

  • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

    Crikey. I am such a groupie. I bought his Raven artwork last month. So glad you featured him, he is an amazing artist and person. Join us on the IPCA Members Only FB Saturday Zoom, ‘coffee and cocktails’.

    • reply silvia ,

      Trabalho impressionante, surreal.
      Gosto muito de ver estas habilidade

      • reply Katie ,

        This is wonderful!

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