Tom Taggart's monster-a-day series on

It’s a Tom Taggart sort of day. I’m beginning to share his point of view. He’s in touch with something.

Election PTSD? Give us some time to settle. It’s his “monster-a-day” series.


  • reply Klew ,

    That is the perfect depiction of this past week! Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece.

    • reply Ann Davis ,

      My gosh! I think he’s got it!!!!!! Kali??? hahahahaha

      • reply Lyone Fein ,

        I don’t know if Cynthia Tinapple intended to be insulting to Hindus, or if that is on Tom Taggart’s shoulders for grouping this item in with his “monsters”. But this much-loved Goddess (who, yes, wears a garland of severed heads and hungrily laps up the blood of those evil doers that she conquers) is certainly NOT seen as monstrous by her hundreds of millions of worshippers. She is understood as a divine symbol of our triumphs over adversity, not one of insanity, stress, or the loss of control.

        • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

          Thanks for educating me, Lyone. I was simply looking at a powerful image and the meaning whizzed right by me. I certainly meant no insult to my Hindu friends. We certainly need her.

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