Let's collect ourselves on PolymerClayDaily.com

Uh-oh, I spent the entire day watching the news and I need a day off to collect myself.

You too? Let’s breathe and regain our equilibrium.

  • reply Dawn Zuber ,

    I think we’re all in a state of shock today. Thanks for bringing so much color to my inbox every day!

    • reply Linda M Lapery ,

      Love it….even though the facial shock is so evident (and understood) the face is beautiful! What a great job! I’m sure her face will be equally shocked during the next couple of weeks as there are threats that those groups in attendance yesterday….they’re stating they’re coming back……..dangerous times.

      • reply Evelyn McCalla ,

        In retrospect, you may need more than one. Yesterday was very frightening and unsettling. Thank you for the daily ideas and introductions to clay artists I would never have discovered. I look forward to your posts.

        • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

          Yes, me too Cynthia. I think I was in a stupified state all day, yet near tears too,

          • reply Carol ,

            While I’m horrified at what happened yesterday I’m not totally surprised. We all need to take a step back to calm down and put some brakes on. There’s millions of people who feel they haven’t been heard. Now there’s talk of presidential removal. Let’s just get through the next 2 weeks until Inauguration Day.

            • reply Debbie Goodrow ,

              I’m feeling the same. Still working on getting my dropped jaw back in place. The USA will survive.

              • reply Sharon Hedgepeth ,

                I guess the Soap Opera will soon be over LOL. I swear I watched this every day.
                I was really addicted. I’m still in shock I think.

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