Gosia's bright collaged earrings challenge us on PolymerClayDaily.com

“I could never wear these,” is what you’re telling yourself, right? I’ve been adding progressively larger earrings to my stash to get over my fear of being too old, too short, too whatever.

And you know what? I’m getting comfy with in-your-face, I’m an artist, deal-with-it earrings.

These colorful collages from Poland’s Gosia (Malgorzata Wawrzynczak at Moiko) are my current favorites. She’s in the silkscreen biz so I’m guessing that’s part of her process. Are they bits of collaged silkscreened veneers or are they canes? Who knows?

Earrings that don’t match? Really? Yes, really. It’s a thing and it won’t hurt you to try it. It’s time to (carefully, gently) drag our scaredy-cat selves out of the house and into the roaring 2020s.

  • reply Ms Caro Fenice ,

    I LOVE these earrings and mis=match is very cool!!

    • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

      I always have to wait for larger earrings and pendants to come back into fashion again. Yet I stay true to myself and never roam away from them. I like to say that I went to the ‘big jewelry school of art.’

      • reply Judy Freeman ,

        I loved your “in your face I’m an artist deal with it!” That will be my new mantra. Thank you.

        • reply Aims ,

          Cynthia! The answer is – Of Course you can!!
          I’ve hit the legal retirement age here in Canada and I’ve cut my hair asymetrical AND it’s bright red AND I wear earrings and cuffs and clips all on the one exposed ear.
          I only do large jewelry and I’m delighted that it’s coming back into style again (it never left for me).

          So YES you can!

          • reply Wendy Moore ,

            I often describe myself as a deeply introverted woman who makes and wears deeply extroverted jewellery. Or some else told me that I introvert but my ears outrovert! Wear them with joy Cynthia!!

            • reply Sally Kirk ,

              Thank you for sharing the earrings I made with Moiko screens. My name is Sally KIrk and my instagram is Blossomandclay if you’d like to see more.

              • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

                Sorry I got it wrong, Sally. Will correct it.


              • reply Debbie Crothers ,

                Hey Cynthia, I noticed these earrings just the other day on Gosia’s instagram page but if you delve deeper they are in fact created by Sally from blossomandclay. Sally uses quite a few Moiko Silkscreens in her work and tags the silkscreens often. A great share today Cynthia. ?

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