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Kathleen Anderson educates the Gathering on

We’ve been flying under the radar for a year and now we’re ready to be seen. Fourteen polymer artists, 7 black and 7 white have been meeting every other week on Zoom since July 2020 when I interviewed Debbie Jackson.

Are the conversations comfortable? No. Interesting? Yes. Tears? When we can’t hold back. Anger? Uh-huh. “I can’t stand this!”…from time to time.

We continue to learn about ourselves and about the racial ideas that are baked into us and into the polymer community. We are changing.

Kathleen Dustin committed us to an exhibit in New Hampshire this fall. Joey Barnes brought her blog out of hiatus.

We’ve just come out on social media (our links may be wonky). No guarantees, no promises but a whole lot of learning going on. Follow us. (I plan to use this powerful image of Kathleen Anderson in my work for the exhibit in October.)

Want to dig deeper? Come on over to StudioMojo for more dips into what lies ahead. The Saturday morning overview might not be comfortable, but it will tickle your brain. 

  • reply Jeffrey Lloyd Dever ,

    Kudos to you all. In the midst of the “dual pandemics” to take the initiative, and have the courage, respect, and commitment to engage one another on the issues of systemic racism is a courageous and long overdue discussion in America, and beyond. Even within the typically cordial polymer community we are not immune. As a white male I have benefitted from male white privilege, even if naively at times, and I am morally honor bound as a person of faith to take up the cause. Keep the discussion going, as open communication is our primary hope.

    • reply Nancy travers ,

      Bravo Jeff! Xo, nt

    • reply Rhet ,

      Each community of craft has this work to do. Very glad these conversations have been happening and look forward to participating in them!

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