Fine tooth combed polymer

See what Marina Rios does with a comb and an idea on PolymerClayDaily

Homemade tools are such a relief and a pleasure. No need to run out and splurge on the latest cutter or magic potion.

Chicago’s Marina Rios reaches into a drawer and shows us how she sacrifices a comb to make a spectacularly textured snake of clay that becomes a cool bead.

Her generosity and her cleverness remind me of the joy that polymer clay art brings to lots of us. Thank her for sharing.

Sure, StudioMojo looks at what’s trending but we’re really interested in art that requires heart and shows you something new and exciting that makes you slap your forehead with delight. Come take a look.

  • reply Wendy Moore ,

    Marina’s IG feed is a truly delightful one to follow. She is so generous to share this with us all!! Thank you Marina and Cynthia!!

    • reply Marina Rios ,

      Thank you so much for featuring me! I’m going to experiment with different finishes to these next- you should consider an update with a picture of the finished beads which are much more attractive than the comb image lololol. Thanks again

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